Information of “Hibiki-Natsume’s 2nd DVD”(May.5.2020released)In Japan


Hello! My name is Sayaka.

I’m Not a bad meaning, pervert woman!

※This Sextoy and stuffed elephant is mine.


Today is especially day! Because today is release day of this video!
「命名 夏目響 お初の4本番」
“Named Hibiki-Natsume.Her first try to 4times sex”

This is her second DVD.

命名 夏目響(ひびき) 正式デビュー お初の4本番 パンティと生写真付き

Today I went to Akihabara in Japan.To buy this DVD!

If you didn’t know her,just look this packages you can understand easily  how fabulous she is!
Before this DVD release,she has already appeared in another DVD.

When the first DVD was released,the package title is
“Mysterious beauty with short hair, decided to make an emergency appearance!”

This is her firsrt DVD’s package.
So fabulous too,,,

名前はまだない。 緊急発売 AV出演

In this link,you can watch sample movie of”I don’t have a name yet. I’m on an emergency release”.


I want to explain to you what mean her name.
At first,Hibiki means “reverberate” and another mean is ”resonate”.
This name is not popular name,but some music player likes this name.
Because Reverb is one of tne music term.

Next,”Natsume” means “summer,eye”.But this name has more deeply meanings.
One of the popular author in Japan,He has also been printed on Japanese bills.

His name is “Souseki-Natsume
Every junior-high school teaching his novel until now.That’ why almost Japanese people imagine him when they heard her name.


Hibiki-Natsume has a twitter account.She always writes very nice and literary sentences.
Many Japnese fan surprised her intelligence.


Let’s get back to the story.
This title “Named Hibiki-Natsume.Her first try to 4times sex”
I will write my impressions sincerely.


命名 夏目響(ひびき) 正式デビュー お初の4本番

In this link,you can watch sample movie of”Hibiki-Natsume’s 2nd DVD”.


This is the package of this.
This package said a bit of a joke.

Her name is “Hibiki” that’s why “reverberate  like an instrument,the sensitive body”
Because Hibiki means reverbe.


So I can get her handwritten autograph!

And I received a DVD from SOD that is no longer available as “special video”. This DVD contains test shots taken before Hibiki Natsume’s name and even before “No name yet. Emergency launch.”



Just a small portion of the special footage …… her style is excellent.



Here’s the main story! I’m going to touch on “4 Production” one by one to see what kind of work it was and how I felt about it.


00 Prologue! There is an image video between each chapter, and it is very beautiful!!

This is easy to imagine if you bought the previous DVD, Hibiki Natsume’s AV has many scenes like image videos. Normally, you might think, “I don’t need like this! Hurry up to show it!” but in the case of Hibiki, it’s better to see such “Ordinary Hibiki” before watching pornographic scenes.



My hobby is making sweets.
She said that.

This is very normal, and it makes me realize that she is a normal woman.

There is a scene in this DVD where she cooks simple dishes. It was lovely to cook naturally.


01 Drink a little and enjoy sex.

Finally, the main story! “Drink a little and enjoy sex” of 01 seems to follow the previous work. After all, it’s a camera work that doesn’t show anything other than Hibiki.

This is a slightly more aggressive sex than the previous one.

I think this is close to general sex, but there is one thing to see. How do you say this in English? The act of licking the genitals after sexual intercourse as if cleaning them.

I don’t think there are any men who don’t like it.

After drinking champagne, Hibiki says, “I feel hotter than usual”And start sex.


02 A big dick and obscene words!

Personally, I like this second performance. A big puppy actor sits next to Hibiki and makes her hold dildos of various sizes ……

”…The size of a dick is usually about this size, isn’t it?”

Hibiki said.


And the conversation about the size of the dick ended. The actor shows his dick to Hibiki.

She was very surprised when she look his dick.


But she always smiling with her  shyly.



Hibiki works very hard at fellatio.


Hibiki is beautiful no matter what angle to take the picture from.
I can watch her face forever,,,because she is so beautiful,,,


This time, I felt that Hibiki has become more bold than her previous work. Hibiki says, “It feels good.” and “It felt good.” She made me feel the power of a professional actress.



Personally, I like having sex with this actor the best. (This is my personal opinion.) This actor was a very big dick, but Hibiki looks enjoying sex with him.



04 blindfold,tie and use sextoy SEX

In the third performance, Hibiki is wearing a yukata. In this episode,she trying many things avant-garde. Blindfold,tie and use sextoys ……


In this episode, the actors use obi in yukata instead of tying them up tightly. He will hang Hibiki from the beam. It was an interesting episode.You can feel Japanese style SM and you can watch how she feelinng god and her sexy voices was so good!


04 2 Man and Hibiki enjoying sex with oil!

Finally, the fourth performance! The last one is 3 people sex!

They will have an interview first.
“This is your first time to try 3 people sex?” “I’m full of anxiety.”


Since it’s the fourth performance, I feel that all of Hibiki’s sincerity is being.

That’s how the 3 people’s SEX goes. There is no scene to be violent, They enjoying 3 people’s sex.


I’m going to show you a little bit of a picture.



It was a real act. I rewound 5 times in this scene only. I think I will probably watch it many times from now on!



It was great. Thank you for the good time.

My impression of this DVD

Finally, my impression is that Hibiki “give someone a proper kiss” with all the male actors in the fourth performance. …… is a natural flow, accepting the kiss of the other actor and returning the kiss in a resonant manner. The variation of kissing is amazing.

There are so many different types of kisses, and it’s too good to see the download-and-streaming version for only 1980 JPY.  The real performance is good, plus it is a dense kiss.

When I thought about it from a woman’s point of view, Hibiki thought it was very natural to leave it up to an actoress. The response to the male actors is wonderful in the previous movie when I said I was nervous and this movie when I said I would do my best. Looking at Hibiki, I really want to have wonderful sex. (Thank you, Hibiki.)

I think sex is trusting. And I think it’s about having fun together …….


I bought this DVD in Akihabara! Do you know Akihabara?

This time I choose to buy this DVD in Akihabara.
Adult shop named”Lammtarra Epixis Akiba”


“Lammtarra Epixis Akiba”


I entered the adult shop alone for the first time in a while. The first floor is the idol DVD section, so it was easy to get in! When you go up to the second floor, there are comic books for adults and sextoys, and it suddenly becomes an adult atmosphere.

From there up is almost the adult corner!

There is a love doll on the 5th floor. I recommend you to see it because it is beautiful. I have seen it from various directions and filmed it! I felt like it was alive! She has genitals and can lead men to ejaculate.


I really recommend this DVD!

I wrote another colum in this website.

全国の皮かぶりオティンティンをお持ちのみなさま、こんにちは。 (そうでない方も、こんにちは!!) 電マ大好き、フェラチオ大好き、変態女のさやかです。(電マとぞうは私物です) 「女性は自分が気持ちよくなる...
恥の多い人生を送ってきました。ライターのさやかです。 今日は私の人生をかけて、絶対に女性をイカせられる電マの使い方をお伝えしたいと思います!! ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ もともとエッチなことは好きな方...


When I masturbate, I need “DVD of having serious sex” . I also want to watch the fellatio scene. I like watching women enjoying sex when they feel better.

I liked the second and fourth of the four sexes. I also used it for my masturbation.


It’s amazing.


It goes without saying that I didn’t write about it, but Hibiki’s breasts are very beautiful and her body line is also art. Not only the package is beautiful, but it’s also wonderful to see you kissing sincerely in the main story.

“What should I watch?”

This is highly recommended if you are unsure.

I’m glad I bought this ♡

命名 夏目響(ひびき) 正式デビュー お初の4本番

She write for me,”Dear Sayaka,I love you”

I can feel her heartful personality and tenderness.


Hibiki, thank you for giving me an opportunity to watch a wonderful DVD. I would like to buy it with a special bonus when the new product is released!

Thank you for reading.
Best regards.


Written by Sayaka