Look! This is the face of the bitch! 72 H – Declaration of Absolute Surrender-



I met the best Erous fan book!!

72 H – Declaration of Absolute Surrender

72 H – Declaration of Absolute Surrender

Let me explain how it works.
“It was the book that I could ejaculate more than ever.”

The number of ejaculations should be considered only as a reference.
But the erotic fiction books I’ve read so far … or even the commercial erotic books, this work was the most practical.

Next, “There are many kinds of proclivity used in one work!”.

This work is
She is a molester.
It’s love sex,
It also has the atmosphere of cohabitation.
It is also a parody of adult videos.

It’s an interesting piece of work for people of many propensities, and the pictures are beautiful, so you don’t get sick reading them.
On the contrary, it is very interesting to see how many performances can be realized only by comics.

It is highly complete as an adult comic.
And it’s a great piece of work that has all the nice things about adult content that I’ve seen.

My genitals look up, but I want to bow my head to the cartoonist who drew this work.

 excited about the play and the situation that I can do because it is a comic!

At first,I want to show you this!

The character, Lemon, appears in adult videos under the guise of her age even though she is young.
The best scenes in a comic as if they were packages of adult videos

“This is like a documentary adult videos parody”
The work was introduced like this, but it was made to understand the goodness of adult video well.

Comics can do what adult videos can’t. And you feel like you’re watching an adult video when you’re reading this comic book.

In the first place,
“Should not appear in adult video, too young actress”
This setting is only available for comics. Because if you do it with an adult video, you will be caught.

Of course, they can make adult videos for pedophilia by using short, baby-faced girls in the adult videos.
However, the adult video industry in Japan is so strict that it cannot be sold unless it is annotated as “This actress is over 18 years old.”.
This makes it “Settings that can only in the comics” for an actress who is too young to appear in adult videos.


This setting is a great way to reach both the fun of adult videos and where adult videos can’t be reached for a variety of reasons. And it’s solved by making them into comics.

That’s what makes this comic so great.

“something that only comics can do”
is also seen in the way of how to drawing sex, and there are some things that can never be seen in adult videos.

This is especially notable.

The expression with a male genitalia and the expression of Lemon.
In this scene of about half a page, I felt a sense of conquest that made her “I got it.”. It was such a great page.

The sense of describing female genitals with male genitals as “a pocket for male genitals” is also characteristic of comics.

In addition to this, you can see Kanro Ame(cartoonist)’s good word and the plays that are only seen in adult comics.

Now, the play called “Deep throat handle” is to hold a twin-tail hairstyle and let the player hold a male vessel in her mouth.
This is another exciting situation that I want to try at least once in my life.

It is often used as a violent expression, similar to rape. But in this work,its invite from Lemon.

In this comic, there is a scene where Lemon asks a man to have sex to show that she is a molester.
By doing so, you can feel Lemon’s sexual desire and sex appeal.

This comic shows a lot of maniac sex.

There are other geeky plays as well, like sleep-gusting.

The play of breaking a sleeping girl is a scene that stands out because it is a comic book.
There are less than 10 adult videos like this situation.

However, comics can produce various elements erotic.

And while it’s called sleepiness, comic-book sleepiness also mixes elements of adult video, actual sex drunkenness, and the kind of obtuse feeling you’re committing with a woman.

Unlike drunkenness or cheating, it’s good that there’s no party feeling but a sense of life.

The scene of caressing a woman when she wakes up is very good as if they are lovers.
Again, it’s a nice cross section of sex.

Lemon doesn’t mind waking up in a sudden situation, but accepts sexual things.
This charm is unique to comics, and the cuteness of a real girl … a scene where you can imagine a real living girl.

The drawing power of portraying sex in cross sections and men in costumes makes the work more attractive.

I think the best part of this manga is on the first page.


It’s getting longer, so let’s wrap it up.

The comic claims to be a parody of adult videos, but that’s not all.
・scenes that cannot be seen in adult videos
・If someone do it on an adult video, it’s illegal.
・Directions that live only through Manga techniques
For these reasons, when I read this comic, my genitals keep erecting saying “I’d like to try it if I can.” and “Lemon likes sex and has a great expression.”!!

It is not only great as an adult comic, but it’s also a great work that tests your knowledge of various adult content and shows you something you’ve never seen before.

Thank you for reading until finish.
See you soon!

72 H - Declaration of Absolute Surrender [Weather Ring] | DLsite
A documentary style AV parody that features a girl serving as an older guys' dick sheath for 72 hours.

Written by Used(Pen name)

Translated by Sayaka